Dovecot vpopmail-auth driver removal

March 17, 2020 Roberto Puzzanghera3 comments

Those who are still using the Dovecot's vpopmail auth driver should consider a migration to the sql driver, as on March 17 the Dovecot Team announced its removal possibly as soon as the v2.3.11 will be released. See here for additional info about obsolete feature removal.


without vpopmail driver, what about domain aliases?

dovecot will ended vpopmail driver! oh no!

and what about domain aliases?

the entries of a domain alias are inside /var/qmail/control and /var/qmail/users and if you only use sql authentication in dovecot, it cannot authenticate any user using the alias domain, only by the main domain

currently, I keep the sql driver first to authenticate users and if it fail, dovecot tries the vpopmail driver, to auth the aliases too.

without the vpopmail driver, how would an email@aliasdomain be authenticated in pop3/imap?!

has anyone thought about it?

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without vpopmail driver, what about domain aliases?

Even if not much elegant one work around could be the following:

- build a db_table to save the couples aliasdomain / realdomain

- save a new record when creating an alias by means of a php script

- modify the sql dovecot/auth accordingly to allow both realdomain and aliasdomain

PS as you may have read, finally the dovecot team declared that they will not break vpopmail until the next major release (2.4)

PS2: sorry, the delay will be just for xz, not vpopmail. Look here

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without vpopmail driver, what about domain aliases?


I also read about getting around via vchkpw that follows the checkpassword driver pattern, or even using the LUA driver

I will do some tests before dovecot abandon the vpopmail drivers and I will post here if I find a working solution.

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