Running OpenBoard in a window

October 24, 2020 Roberto Puzzanghera 0 comments

These days I'm forced again to do lessons from remote. My school asked me to refer to google meet for the videoconferences and the first thing I disliked was the jam interactive whiteboard, which is completely inadequate for math purposes. On the other hand OpenBoard, my favourite board tool that I use successfully with zoom, seemed not to be recognized as an application to be shared, because it runs fullscreen.

After some googleing I found a patch from this guy (I big thank for his work!) which forces OpenBoard to run in a window, but at the cost of passing a variable at compilation time. I modified the logic of that patch so that a user can set how OpenBoard will run just modifying a configuration option. The "run in a window" feature is disabled by default, so it will not bother those teachers who are already familiar with the interface, but it can be easily switched on by advanced users.


September 1, 2020 Roberto Puzzanghera 62 comments

qmailAdmin is a free software package that provides a web interface for managing a qmail system with virtual domains. It provides admin for adding/deleting users, Aliases, Forwards, Mailing lists and Autoresponders.

Combined patch details

  • qmailadmin-skin, a patch that I created during covid-19 spare time, provides a new responsive skin to the control panel. It modifies everything under the html dir and many .c files in order to adjust the html embedded into the source files. Added a stylesheet style.css in the images folder and a couple of png files for the qmail logo.
  • patch to call cracklib in order to check for the password strenght. This should avoid unsafe accounts created by domain administrators such as "test 123456".
  • A patch (thanks to Tony, original author unknown) which gets qmailadmin to have authentication failures logged. This makes possibile to ban malicious IPs via fail2ban. It is required to create the log file /var/log/qma-auth.log initially and assign write priviledges to apache.
  • ezmlm-idx 7 compatibility patch (author unknown), which restores the compatibility with ezmlm-idx-7 (thanks to J.D. Trolinger for the advice).
  • a fix to the catchall account (thanks to Luca Franceschini).
  • another fix to autorespond.c to correct the way .qmail files are modified


  • 2020.09.02
    -mod_user.html: cleaned the html as it was printing unneeded strings
  • 2020.08.10
    - mod_user.html: added the "value" attribute to the name/gecos input tag
    - added a line to install the css, as already done for
    (tx Pablo Murillo)
  • 2020.05.22
    - mod_user.html: removed the "required" attribute on password field, to allow modifications in case of no password change



August 4, 2020 Roberto Puzzanghera 50 comments

Simscan is a simple program that enables the qmail smtpd service to reject viruses, spam, and block attachments during the SMTP conversation so the processing load on the email system is kept to a minimum.

Combined patch details

Version 1.4.1 is a fork of the original simscan by Inter7. The sources have been polished and modernized a bit and contain a number of bug fixes and patches, including almost all the patches by jms (the only missing one is the "debug" patch which we will apply below) and the bug fix by Gustavo Castro that I had in my previous bundle of patches. Therefore the new patch simply adds the following:

  • the jms "debug" patch, to improve the debugging of simscan on qmail-smtpd log;
  • a bug fix by Bob Greco where a received message with multiple 'local' recipients executes spamc as null user and not as the user extracted from the first local recipient.

Patching qmail

July 29, 2020 Roberto Puzzanghera 282 comments


The complete changelog and patch info are inside the README.PATCH file.

  • 2020.07.29
    -dk-filter: corrected a bug where dk-filter was using DKIMDOMAIN unconditionally. Now it uses DKIMDOMAIN only if _SENDER is null (tx Manvendra Bhangui).
  • 2020.07.27
    -added a fix for CVE-2005-2513 (tx C)
  • 2020.04.25
    -qmail-smtpd.c: added rcptcount = 0; in smtp_rset function to prevent the maxrcpto error if control/maxrcpt limit has been exceeded in multiple messages sent sequentially rather than in a single mail (tx Alexandre Fonceca)
  • 2020.04.16
    -qmail-remote-logging patch added (more info here)
  • 2020.04.10
    -DKIM patch updated to v. 1.28
    * outgoing messages from null sender ("<>") will be signed as well with the domain in env variable DKIMDOMAIN
    * declaring NODK env variable disables old domainkeys signature, while defining NODKIM disables DKIM.
  • 2020.01.11
    -qmail-tls patch updated to v. 20200107
    * working client cert authentication with TLSv1.3
  • 2019.12.08
    -BUG qmail-smtpd.c: now TLS is defined before chkuser.h call, to avoid errors on closing the db connection (tx ChangHo.Na)
  • 2019.08.07
    - a couple of adjustments to chkuser (tx Luca Franceschini, more info here)
    * BUG - since any other definition of starting_string ends up as "DOMAIN", if starting_string is otherwise defined, chkuser will be turned off.
  • 2019.07.12
    - qmail-channels patch added
    more info here
    - improved verbosity of die_read function in qmail-smtpd.c (qmail-smtpd: read failure). More info here

Roundcube plugins

July 16, 2020 Roberto Puzzanghera 24 comments

UPDATE as of Jul 15: markasjunk plugin has now info about the cmd_learn and multi_driver drivers

My enabled plugins are (at the moment):

  • password, which is already included in the plugins folder
  • managesieve, which writes sieve scripts to filter the incoming mails (reject, move to specific folders etc.). Note that in order to use it you must have Dovecot managesieve enabled.
  • SpamAssassin-User-Prefs-SQL, which writes the spamassassin user preferences in the DB. The user will be allowed to create a black/white list, to adjust the required_score and so on.
  • markasjunk. You can add the sender's email address to the blacklist, or run a command such as sa_learn. Requires sauprefs.
  • rcguard. This plugin logs failed login attempts and requires users to go through a reCAPTCHA verification process when the number of failed attempts go too high.
  • Context Menu. Adds context menus to the message list, folder list and address book. Menu includes the abilities mark messages as read/unread, delete, reply and forward.
  • autologon. Autologin from external Site e.g. (CMS, Portal ...)
  • logout_redirect. Modified version to only redirect to the homepage (depending on the domain part of the default identity)
  • newmail_notifier. can notify new mail focusing browser window and changing favicon, playing a sound and  displaying desktop notification (using webkitNotifications feature).
  • carddav. CardDav client. You can sync your addressbook against a CardDav server like nextcloud or SoGO.
  • enigma adds support for viewing and sending of signed and encrypted messages in PGP (RFC 2440) and PGP/MIME (RFC 3156) format

Installing and configuring Spamassassin

July 15, 2020 Roberto Puzzanghera 25 comments

SpamAssassin is a mature, widely-deployed open source project that serves as a mail filter to identify Spam. SpamAssassin uses a variety of mechanisms including header and text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases. SpamAssassin runs on a server, and filters spam before it reaches your mailbox.

UPDATE as of Jul 15: added Razor2Pyzor and Spamcop configuration (thanks to Gabriel Torres for the hint).

Dovecot vpopmail-auth driver removal

March 17, 2020 Roberto Puzzanghera 7 comments

Those who are still using the Dovecot's vpopmail auth driver should consider a migration to the sql driver, as on March 17 the Dovecot Team announced its removal possibly as soon as the v2.3.11 will be released. See here for additional info about obsolete feature removal.