Running OpenBoard in a window

October 24, 2020 Roberto Puzzanghera4 comments

These days I'm forced again to do lessons from remote. My school asked me to refer to Google Meet for the videoconferences and one thing I disliked was the Jam interactive whiteboard, which is completely inadequate for scientific subjects. On the other hand OpenBoard, my favourite board tool that I successfully use with Zoom, seemed not to be recognized as an application to be shared, because it runs fullscreen.

After some googleing I found a patch from this guy (I big thank for his work!) which forces OpenBoard to run in a window, but at the cost of passing a variable at compilation time. I modified the logic of that patch so that a user can set how OpenBoard will run just modifying a configuration option. The "run in a window" feature is disabled by default, so it will not bother those teachers who are already familiar with the interface, but it can be easily switched on by advanced users.

To get OpenBoard running in a window just switch this option to true in the /opt/openboard/etc/OpenBoard.config file


Each user can do the same overriding this setting in his/her personal ~/.local/share/OpenBoard/OpenBoardUser.config file.

Installation steps

The following prerequisites must be already installed: libpaper libass x264 libfdk-aac ffmpeg quazip-qt5 qt5-webkit. My patch is for the 1.6.1a-1102​ version.

tar xzf OpenBoard-1.6.1a-1102​.tar.gz
cd OpenBoard-1.6.1a-1102
patch -p1 < ../run-in-a-window.patch
qmake-qt5 -spec linux-g++
make install

You may want to reproduce these steps when building the package for your specific distro.

Known issues

Patching OpenBoard against the latest 1.6.1rc-0309 version results in a (randomly) missing button for the "page browser" and/or "resources" when I set the toolbar at the bottom of the window.

I'm sticking with the 1.6.1a-1102 version for the time being.


Running OpenBoardW


Please could you describe the exact steps and commands to be done in order to apply this patch and make OpenBoard work in a separate window on Ubuntu 20.04.  I have read the discussion and many related articles and still haven't found out how to do this. 

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Running OpenBoardW

Here you can find two builds Openboard which run on a separate window for Ubuntu 20.04 64bit:

openboard_ubuntu_20.04_1.6.1-a.1102w is builded with patch by Roberto Puzzanghera

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Running OpenBoardW

Thank you, appreciated

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Running OpenBoardW

Hi, I added the installation steps in the page above. The patch has to be installed on top of the RC version.

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