ucspi-ssl - TLS encryption for Client/Server IPv6/IPv4 communication

May 9, 2022 Roberto Puzzanghera 0 comments

sslserver, sslclient, and sslhandle are command-line tools for building SSL client-server applications. 

sslserver listens for IPv6 and/or IPv4 connections, and runs a program for each connection it accepts. The program environment includes variables that hold the local and remote host names, IP addresses, and port numbers. sslserver offers a concurrency limit on acceptance of new connections, and selective handling of connections based on client identity supporting CIDR IP address notation. sslserver supports STARTTLS and STLS.

sslclient requests a connection to either a IPv6 or IPv4 TCP sockets, and runs a program. The program environment includes the same variables as for sslserver.

sslhandle is a pre-forking sslserver; though without STARTTLS/STLS capabilities.

With sslserver we can have a secure connection on port 465 to receive our emails.

You already installed fehQlibs, which are supplementary C libraries needed for ucspi-ssl.

tar xzf /usr/local/src/ucspi-ssl-0.12.3.tgz
cd host/superscript.com/net/ucspi-ssl-0.12.3

The configuration of the supervise script for qmail-smtps is inside the configuration page.

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