Dovecot: moving to 2.3 branch

December 30, 2017 by Roberto Puzzanghera 0 comments

On december 2017 dovecot-2.3.0 was released. As far as my previous 2.2 configuration is concerned, there are just a few changes:

  • the submission service can be disabled (just rename 20-submission.conf);
  • if you were using the maildir++ patch for netqmail embedded in my combined patch, you have to add "maildir_broken_filename_sizes = yes" in your 10-mail.conf (tx MG). This parameter is not needed if you restored the maildirs as explained above;
  • changes in 10-ssl.conf: you have to setup a SSL DH parameter and replace some other obsolete parameter; take a look to the dovecot page for more info;
  • changes in 15-lda.conf: the sendmail program was not working anymore here when called by managesieve. So we can disable it and setup a submission_host (not to be confused with the submission service above);
  • some change in both 20-managesieve.conf and 90-sieve.conf: it's better to rebuild them from scratch following this page.

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