Adjusting the tcprules files for qmail

January 16, 2013 Roberto Puzzanghera0 comments

This is my tcprules file:

> more /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp,RELAYCLIENT="",SMTPD_GREETDELAY="0",RELAYCLIENT="",SMTPD_GREETDELAY="0"

As you can see, the localhost, the internal subnet 10.0.0., and the external server's IP are allowed to use the MTA as a relay (RELAYCLIENT=""), and does not face a GREETDELAY.

All other clients are allowed to send us emails (allow:), will face a GREETDELAY specified in the qmail-smtpd run script, and are not allowed to use our MTA as a relay.

And since we want to allow ourselves to use our MTA as a remote relay, the tcp.submission rules have to be simply:

> more /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.submission


And nobody is allowed to use the submission service (port 587) as an open relay without authentication.

Remember to generate the cdb files each time you make changes to your tcprules file:

> qmailctl cdb

Updated tcp.smtp.cdb.
Updated tcp.submission.cdb.

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