Roundcube plugins

December 27, 2022 Roberto Puzzanghera 26 comments

My enabled plugins are (at the moment):

  • Password, to change the user's password
  • ManageSieve, which writes sieve scripts to filter the incoming mails (reject, move to specific folders etc.). Note that in order to use it you must have Dovecot managesieve enabled.
  • SpamAssassin User Prefs SQL (sauserprefs), which writes the spamassassin user preferences in the DB. The user will be allowed to create a black/white list, to adjust the required_score and so on.
  • MarkAsJunk. You can add the sender's email address to the blacklist, or run a command such as sa_learn. Requires sauprefs.
  • ContextMenu. Adds context menus to the message list, folder list and address book. Menu includes the abilities mark messages as read/unread, delete, reply and forward.
  • Newmail notifier. can notify new mail focusing browser window and changing favicon, playing a sound and  displaying desktop notification (using webkitNotifications feature).
  • Persistent login, which provides a "Keep me logged in" aka "Remember Me" functionality for Roundcube.
  • ZipDownload, which adds an option to download all attachments to a message in one zip file, when a message has multiple attachments.
  • enigma adds support for viewing and sending of signed and encrypted messages in PGP (RFC 2440) and PGP/MIME (RFC 3156) format
  • swipe, which adds left/right/down swipe actions to entries in the the message list on touch devices (tables/phones).

Other plugins that I have used in the past for which the old documentation might not be valid anymore

  • autologon. Autologin from external Site e.g. (CMS, Portal ...)
  • logout redirect. Modified version to only redirect to the homepage (depending on the domain part of the default identity)
  • rcguard. This plugin logs failed login attempts and requires users to go through a reCAPTCHA verification process when the number of failed attempts go too high.
  • carddav. CardDav client. You can sync your addressbook against a CardDav server like nextcloud or SoGO.
  • quickrules (abandoned project). Adds a button to the message list to allow the quick creation of rules in the SieveRules plugin. Information from selected emails is used to prefile the new rule form.