qmail links

In a LQ forum's thread I was asked to prove that updates to the original DJB qmail program really exist, providing direct links to them. Since I think that the set of links I provided could be of interest for the visitors of this pages, this is a copy&paste of that post:

In no particular order:

...and of course I'm forgetting something. There are many other patches I like which wait for updates, but at the same time they can be still considered useful; chkuser http://www.interazioni.it/opensource/chkuser/ is one of them, it provides recipient verification and MAV.

The main repository of links to all the available projects is always http://qmail.org.

This stuff can be applyed over the original Bernstein's program, which is claimed to be secure.

And if you think that your site should be considered in this list you are invited to drop me a note ;)