qmail, spf and IPv6

August 22, 2013 Roberto Puzzanghera0 comments

Today Erwin Hoffmann has released his ucspi-tcp6 v. 0.99. The current version includes an hack by Manvendra Bhangui from indimail.org which gets tcpserver and qmail's spfcheck to be IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses compliant, provided that you use his fix to the qmail-spf patch (my combined patch already has this adjustment to spf).

Fot those interested, a few days ago Manvendra Bhangui released a package of patches including now not only DKIM and SURBL but also substancial modifications which get SPF and the entire qmail totally IPv6 compliant. The upgrade for me is not so straightforward, but I'm planning to have it in my big patch soon or later. For the moment you can play with it downloading from http://sourceforge.net/projects/indimail/files/netqmail-addons/qmail-dkim-1.0/

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