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Configuring proftpd with mod_tls (ftpes) and/or mod_sftp

This is how I have setup mod_tls (ftpes) and mod_sftp inside proftpd. Finally I managed to make them live together in two separate daemons.

First of all, here is a speed test (ftpes seems to be a bit faster in upload mode):

upload: about 22.4 K/s
download: more than 800 K/s

upload about 18.2 K/s
download: more than 800 K/s

Setting up and upgrading MySQL 5.x

I have tested the following guide when installing mysql 5.6, 5.5, 5.1, 5.0 version. At the time I'm writing the latest stable version is 5.6.10.

Installing from source

You may want to install from source when the distributed binaries were compiled against a glibc version which is different from the one installed in your system.

cd /usr/local/mysql
wget latest mysql source
tar zxvf mysql-VERSION.tar.gz
cd mysql-VERSION
cmake .
make install
cd /usr/local
mv mysql mysql-VERSION
ln -s mysql-VERSION mysql

This will install mysql in /usr/local/mysql.

Installing from binaries

Download the binaries and extract the tarball where you want, /usr/local is always good.

cd /usr/local
wget mysql binaries
tar xzf mysql-VERSION.tar.gz
ln -s mysql-VERSION mysql